Commercial Vinyl Flooring Belfast

We have many ranges of slip resistant commercial vinyl flooring Belfast suitable for wet rooms. These compile with current legislation for wet and dry areas and bare and shod feet. All sheet commercial vinyl Belfast for use in these areas are hot welded at joins and covered and capped around perimeter walls, to provide a watertight hygienic area.

We have a wide range of commercial vinyl flooring in store to choose from, why not book a consultation today and find the right carpet for your commercial project.

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  • Vinyl Click Flooring
  • Non Slip Vinyl Flooring
  • Vinyl Safety Flooring

Budget – does the client have a set budget they need to work to?

Usage – is the area high traffic – this will determine what type of commercial carpet would be recommended?

Lifetime requirement – how long does the customer want the carpet to last?

Cleaning & maintenance – we advise customer on practical colour schemes dependent on their cleaning and maintenance schedules.